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Profile: Corporate Entertainer, Matt Daniel-Baker

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

International Mind Reader and Mentalist, Matt Daniel-Baker shares his secrets of Lying, Body Language and Mind Control .

“Most people think in the same way - especially if you don't give them time to think."
"Imagine a robber jumping out at you... 99% of us would react with the same immediate fear... but if the robber called ahead with a warning... that's when we become individually unique in our reactions.”

When it comes to body language and reading people it's really just a matter of feeding off of their energy. Unless you're a psychopath you will generally give away your discomfort of a situation within 1 minute of questioning. It's so much harder to be deceitful (on any level) than it is to be honest. This will be reflected in your actions.


Lying is a simple game. Most people are not good at it. Very rarely is anyone thoroughly questioned about their lie... but ask a few probing questions and you will quickly see - and feel - the sense of something not being right with the person.

In my show I display the skills required to read body language, spot a liar and uncover secrets. It's a fascinating insight, all done with humour and no real jeopardy. I usual offer money to anyone that can dupe me.

I've never lost a penny!!!

See Matt Daniel-Baker, International Mind Reader & Mentalist in action:

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