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"Oh my God... You have to show this to EVERYBODY... Please don't leave!!"

Professional Mind Reader and Mentalist, Matt Daniel-Baker stunned A list celebrities at The Alfred Dunhill Links Championship at St. Andrew's

“The guy was incredible - he had crowds of celebrities around him. He's a star!”

MATT DANIEL-BAKER LEAVES GUESTS JAWS ON THE FLOOR. MIND READER & MENTALIST IS THE HIT AT ST. ANDREW'S Professional Mind Reader and Mentalist, Matt Daniel-Baker was entertaining

A-list celebrity guests at The Dunhill Links Championship at St. Andrew's.

The London-based entertainer mingled with guests, performing feats of mind manipulation and mind control - and within minutes had the whole place clapping and cheering and insisting on having selfies.. WITH HIM!!!!

GUESTS INCLUDED JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE AND JESSICA BIEL Dragon's Den empresario Peter Jones was so impressed with the talented entertainer that he gave a hand written testimonial for him to use on his website.

If that wasn't enough, Hollywood acting legend Bill Murray handed Matt a single-malt whiskey and clinked glasses declaring, "We all need to hang out with this guy!"

Matt Daniel-Baker is a full time professional Mind Reader - Entertainer

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