"Best evening EVER - ABSOLUTELY SENSATIONAL from start to finish!"

"What a night. Had me gasping with wonder one minute and crying with laughter the next. Absolutely unforgettable."

Gemma Gould

"Absolutely brilliant! Had them in them in the palm of his hands.."

Mike Mayne

"Matt was sensational, so slick!  The audience were having the best evening, not laughed like that for a long time!"

Sharon Pollins

"Absolutely amazing!

Just incredible.

Absolutely brilliant!"

Teresa Di Mauro-Hadley

"Thank you for a very enjoyable evening. As far as I'm concerned, you're in a class of your own."

Deej Johnson

"I loved every second. Matt is amazing to watch. So enjoyable and his interaction with everyone was just so good"

Adam Phillips

"Usually when you think of Mind Readers you think smarmy or cocky smart-arse. Matt was neither of those things. He was charming, very personable and thoroughly entertaining."

Stuart Turner


Steve Best

"We thought Matt was amazing! Extraordinarily funny and a really nice guy. The whole thing was fabulously entertaining. 

Walter & Lynda

"You're the best. End of."

Elio Pace

"Top Class. Wow! What a great show!"

Etienne Pradier

"Had a fantastic night. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. "

Georgina Gilbert


The Crazy Coqs Theatre
 20 Sherwood Street, London, Soho 

JAN 2023 - DEC 2023

Justin Timberlake said… “I want you to see this guy!”


And there’s a reason why… This 75 minute show has to been seen to be believed!

After debuting this show to a packed house at Crazy Coqs in August 2021, Matt SOLD-OUT all his shows in 2022, now he is bringing a new and exciting run of shows back for 2023.

Matt Daniel-Baker The Mind Reader is Fast-Paced, Jaw-Dropping and all delivered with a Razor-Sharp wit.

Minds are read. Thoughts are stolen… and an IMPOSSIBLE prediction is placed into the audience from the very beginning!

Using psychology, body language, lie detection and social manipulation Matt presents a show like no other.

Gasp after gasp is GUARANTEED!


JAN 28th & OCT 7th - 2023

Smoke & Mirrors Theatre
Denmark Street, Bristol, BS1 5DQ

JANUARY   28th - 7 & 9pm - BOOK NOW
OCTOBER   7th -   7 & 9pm - BOOK NOW
After four SOLD-OUT shows in 2021 & 2022                
Matt Daniel-Baker is returning in 2023 to the incredible 
Smoke & Mirrors Theatre Bar in Bristol. A truly unique venue showcasing some of the UK's elite performers. 

The shows sell-out fast so make sure you book your 
seats well in advance to avoid disappointment.